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Georgia Humanities Council grants fund humanities-based cultural and educational programs in local communities.


Grants are awarded to nonprofit organizations such as museums, libraries, historical societies, community groups, educational institutions, civic and government agencies.

Examples of recent GHC grant programs include: literary events, film and lecture series, historical tours, exhibitions, community forums, oral history projects, historic markers and workshops. GHC does not fund the performing arts, the publication of books, the restoration of buildings, food, beverages or awards, or any programs that advocate topics of a religious, social or political nature.

Programs should be offered free of charge and include the participation of at least one humanities scholar.

2014 Grants


Good news! GHC will offer a Fall 2014 grant deadline. The deadline date for proposals is September 5, 2014.

We will accept rough drafts of proposals up until August 5, 2014. GHC staff will read and comment on your proposal. Submit drafts by e-mail only to:

Anything new in 2014?

The guidelines will remain the same as 2013 with a few minor additions. Also, GHC will continue the 2013 theme of "Connections" for your grant programs. Last year the grant application format changed and there were new requirements. These same requirements will also apply for the September 2014 deadline. Some of those points include:

  • Organizations that currently have an open GHC grant are not eligible to apply until they have completed required final report forms.
  • Organizations that apply must provide a copy of the IRS 501c(3) letter of determination and a DUNS number.  To obtain a DUNS number go to
  • The GHC Application for Qualification form has been eliminated although a copy of the organization's W-9 form is still requested.
  • The GHC Grant Application contains all required components necessary for a grant submission including a separate budget and budget narrative form. Applicants should only use the GHC provided forms when submitting the proposal.
  • All applicants are required to submit a checked-off, signed and dated checklist with their proposal.
  • Original signatures are required on the application forms where indicated. 
  • All grant programs should begin at least 120 days after the grant deadline of September 5, 2014 (December 5, 2014 or later).
  • GHC now requires seven (7) copies of the organization's grant proposal packet.

Please read the guidelines thoroughly before submitting a proposal.

Impact of the Grant Program

GHC grant projects strengthen communities by creating statewide partnerships that provide opportunities for participation in humanities programs. The partnership begins with the Georgia Humanities Council. Once partnerships are established, GHC believes that the humanities helps in the development of more educated and self-sustaining communities. Visit our Recent Grants section to see a list of programs from different organizations that received GHC grant funds .


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