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Georgia Humanities Council grants fund humanities-based cultural and educational programs in local communities.

2015 Spring Grant Opportunity

GHC is pleased to announce a new call for grant proposals of up to $2,000. The deadline date is March 9th. Programs should start at least 120 days after the March 9th deadline to be considered for funding (no earlier than July 9, 2015).  Guidelines and Applications are now on-line and can be accessed from this page (under the "Guidelines and Applications" section on the left) . Keep in mind:

  1. The application forms are fillable on-line but cannot be saved. 

  2. The guidelines and applications are downloadable together as one packet.                   

  3. When submitting a grant proposal do not send the  guideline pages, just the proposal application .

  4. March 9th is a postmark deadline. That is the definite date (we had heard that some of  the PDF documents may say March 2nd).

  5. First time applicants are encouraged to submit a rough draft of their proposal and budget for review by GHC staff. The drafts are due no later than February 9th.           


Grants are awarded to nonprofit organizations such as museums, libraries, historical societies, community and downtown organizations, educational institutions, civic and government agencies. GHC grants are not awarded to individuals.

Examples of recent GHC grant programs include: author events, film and community reading series, historical walking tours, traveling exhibitions, community discussions, oral history and genealogy  projects, placement of new historic markers and children's workshops.

GHC does not fund the performing arts, the publication of books, the restoration of buildings, food, beverages or awards, or any programs that advocate topics of a religious, social or political nature.

Programs should be offered free of charge, open to the entire community and include the participation of at least one humanities scholar.

Impact of the Grant Program

GHC grant projects strengthen communities through cultural programs. All grantees become a partner with the Georgia Humanities Council. Collaborating with the GHC creates new possibilities in communities for humanities education that result in new knowledge and pride of place. Visit our Recent Grants section to see a list of recent GHC grant programs.


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