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The “forever” of Flannery O’Connor — the lasting influence of a Southern Gothic writer

By Jamil Zainaldin Life, if we let it, can become a pressure cooker. We never seem satisfied by what we have or where we’ve gotten. There’s one more rung on the ladder to climb, one more recognition we think we deserve, one more promotion or accolade. Some of us — sometimes it seems like our […]

The AJC–Decatur Book Festival celebrates journalists, novelists, visionaries, and hip hop artists—reflecting a changing Atlanta

By Daren Wang As of this writing, the social-justice-loving, minority-favored candidate is trouncing the opposition in the polls with more than 88 percent of the vote, and we may at last be on the brink of voting our way into the 21st century.

Radical southern women: Eliza Frances Andrews and Katharine Du Pre Lumpkin

Radical southern women: Eliza Frances Andrews and Katharine Du Pre Lumpkin By Jamil Zainaldin Two spirited Georgia women of the post-Civil War era are remarkable for the clarity of their voices, their roots in the state, and their achievements. If in some ways they are alike, they are also profoundly different. Eliza Frances ("Fanny") Andrews [...]

Toni Morrison and Georgia

Toni Morrison and Georgia By Pearl McHaney In the spring of 2015, literary and major media outlets eagerly discussed novelist Toni Morrison and her new book, God Help the Child, her eleventh. Morrison is not a southerner, yet the South, and even Georgia, are all over her books. While we may not exactly claim the [...]

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