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Online photographs, videos, and additional web resources related to Georgia's sacred music are listed below:


This Flickr album features recent and historic images of Georgians performing songs from this genre. 


On October 6-7, 2011, the Georgia State Gospel Music Convention was held in Bremen, Georgia, at Bethel Baptist Church. Here is a song from the convention.




Other YouTube Videos: 

Thomas Dorsey and others. "Thomas Dorsey." YouTube, published March 6, 2007.
Thomas Dorsey. "Thomas Dorsey-Precious Lord."YouTube, published March 5, 2007.
The Lewis Family. "The Lewis Family-Talk About Jesus." YouTube, published April 29, 2008. 
Hovie Lister and The Statesmen Quartet. "The Fourth Man." YouTube, published February 4, 2010.
Hovie Lister and The Statesmen Quartet. "Without Him." YouTube, published October 9, 2008. 
Hugh McGraw and others. "Hugh McGraw leading at Western Carolina University, 2010." YouTube, published November 2, 2010.
Smith's Sacred Singers. "Pictures From Life's Other Side." YouTube, published February 20, 2011.

Smith's Sacred Singers. "Prepare to Meet Thy God."  YouTube, published February 21, 2011.
Dottie Peoples. "Dottie Peoples-Testify- 1999." YouTube, published January 23, 2009.
Third Day. "Show Me Your Glory." YouTube, published March 1, 2009.

Articles from the New Georgia Encyclopedia

Daniel, Wayne W. "J. M. Henson," published May 9, 2003.

Daniel, Wayne W. "Andrew Jenkins," published May 2, 2002.

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Mills, Frederick G. Sr. "George Whitefield," published January 1, 2006.

Rosenbaum, Art. "McIntosh County Shouters," updated January 31, 2012. 

Additional Online Resources

South Georgia Folklife Collection

by Valdosta State: This website has a wonderful collection of online sources on various types of music, including the following selections on sacred music:

"Atlanta Sacred Harp," updated December 2011.
"Wendy Bagwell & The Sunlighters" on Southern Gospel.
"Little Jan Buckner," updated June 20, 2007.
 History, updated February 19, 2012.
"'Georgia' Tom Dorsey," Star Gennett Foundation, copyrighted 2005.
"Fasola Home Page," Sacred Harp Musical Heritage Association, copyright 1995-2011.
"John Wally Fowler," on Southern Gospel Music Association, updated May 5, 2005.
"The Georgia Sea Island Singers," on Georgia Coast traditions, copyright 2012.
"The LeFevres," on Southern Gospel Music Association, updated November 30, 2004.

"The Lewis Family Homepage," GoDaddy website, copyright 2011-2012.

"The Lewis Family Home Restoration," Facebook page, published July 1, 2011.
"Rex Nolan Official Website," copyright 2000.
"Now What a Time: Blues, Gospel, and the Fort Valley Music Festivals," The Library of Congress, published January 22, 2001.
"Sacred Harp and Shape Note Music Resources," updated December 4, 2011.
"Sewanee River Boys," on Grand Old Gospel Reunion, updated November 23, 2004.
"Shaped Traditions: Folk Arts in the American South." Atlanta History Center, copyright 2012. This exhibit features an on-site music center.
"The Statesmen Quartet-Changes and Challenges," on Grand Ole Gospel Reunion, updated June 29, 2005.
"The Statesmen Quartet-The Nabisco Years," on Grand Ole Gospel Reunion, updated May 1, 2005.
"Sweet Chariot:The Story of the Spirituals," University of Denver, last revised in 2004. 
"This Far By Faith: Thomas Dorsey," PBS, copyright 2003.
"Voices Across America," Pilgrim Productions. This webpage has many recordings of Sacred music in Georgia and other states.

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