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Museum on Main Street provides small and rural communities access to Smithsonian Institution traveling exhibits.


The Georgia Humanities Council hosts  Museum on Main Street (MOMS) exhibitions for the state of Georgia through a partnership with the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service (SITES).  The exhibits tour the state stopping at local host communities for approximately six weeks.  Host communities are selected through a competitive application process. GHC will send out a Request for Proposals (RFP)  two years in advance of the exhibition arrival. The next exhibition will begin a tour of Georgia in 2016. The RFP will be posted in early 2014. The exhibition theme and title is Hometown Teams.

If a community is awarded the exhibition, GHC will provide:

  • assistance in program planning
  • travel expenses for project directors to attend planning meetings
  • between $2,500 to $3,500 to support local community programming
  • GHC resources that include a dedicated exhibition website and other exhibition specific materials
  • a humanities scholar who will be available for consultation
  • Smithsonian Institution specialists who are available for technical assistance

If selected, the host community provides:

  • a project director (staff or volunteer) and assistant project director who are required to be available for all exhibition related meetings/ workshops and who will oversee all local aspects of hosting the exhibition
  • planning and implementation of community programs that tie into the exhibition theme and complements it while you host the tour
  • local fund-raising
  • regional/local marketing of the exhibition
  • maintaining records of all exhibition related actions, visitor numbers and materials to compile in a final report


The communities hosting Museum on Main Street exhibitions will

  • establish community partnerships
  • familiarize communities with their culture and history
  • increase visitation, membership, volunteers and funding partners of local organizations
  • increase knowledge of your community in the state
  • establish a statewide partnership with the GHC



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