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Museum on Main Street provides small and rural communities access to Smithsonian Institution traveling exhibits.


Georgia Humanities hosts Museum on Main Street (MOMS) exhibitions for the state of Georgia through a partnership with the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service (SITES).  The exhibitions tour the state, stopping at each local host community for approximately six weeks. Host communities are selected through a competitive application process.

Georgia Humanities will send out a Request for Proposals (RFP) approximately 18 months in advance of the exhibition grand opening. The next exhibition will begin  touring Georgia in March 2016. The exhibition title is Hometown Teams: How Sports Shape America.

For this tour Georgia Humanities suggests that neighboring communities may have greater success if they collaborate when submitting an application.

Applicant information will be posted in two parts, an information and requirements section, and the application. It is important that all applicants read the information and requirements section before filling out the application.  

Georgia Humanities will accept rough drafts of the application. Staff will review your draft and give suggestions for improvements. The rough draft is not required but is a good idea for first time applicants.

Dates to Remember:

     Application online               by July 31st

     Applications due                 October 3, 2014

     Rough drafts due                September 22, 2104

     Selections announced         December 15, 2014


If selected, the host communities receive:

  • assistance in program planning
  • travel expenses for project directors to attend required  planning meetings
  • approximately $2,000 to support local community programming
  • Smithsonian and Georgia Humanities exhibition materials
  • a humanities scholar who is available for assistance and consultation
  • Smithsonian Institution resources, including a dedicated, well-visited website, social media pages, and specialists who facilitate statewide meetings

The host community provides:

  • two co-project directors (staff or volunteer), who attend all exhibition related meetings/workshops and who oversee all requirements of hosting the exhibition in their communities
  • committees to assist the project directors with exhibition- related tasks
  • a series of community programs that connect to the exhibition theme and are implemented when the exhibition is in the host community
  • local/regional fund-raising and marketing of the exhibit
  • area partnerships with businesses and nonprofits
  • good records of all exhibition-related actions, visitor numbers, and materials to compile in a final report that will be sent to the Smithsonian and Georgia Humanities
  • communication with Georgia Humanities on everything related to the planning and implementation of the exhibition tour


Past Museum on Main Street exhibition tours have provided successful opportunities for communities to:

  • establish a wide range of community partnerships 
  • increase the visibility of your town
  • open doors to professional development that will stimulate capital improvements in local facilities
  • generate public involvement in local/area organizations that inspires community pride
  • increase capacity at area organizations through greater visitation, new volunteers and membership and more funding partners 
  • provide a greater awareness of your community to state legislators 
  • establish a statewide partnership with Georgia Humanities 
  • join a network with the Smithsonian Institution



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